CASToR  2.0
Tomographic Reconstruction (PET/SPECT/CT)
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oEvent kindType of event in list-mode PET (true, scatter, random, ...)
Defined in iEventPET.hh
oData modeDataFile modes (histogram, list, ...)
Defined in vDataFile.hh
oData typeData modality (PET, SPECT, CT, PETTrans ...)
Defined in vDataFile.hh
oData physical specificityData physical specificity (EMISSION or TRANSMISSION)
Defined in vDataFile.hh
oDeformation typeNature of motion (respiratory, cardiac, patient motion, ...)
Defined in oDeformationManager.hh
oInterfile I/O related variablesThis group contains variables and structures related to Interfile I/O.
Those are either variables associated to certain Interfile key, type of data, and structures dedicated to recover those keys.
Defined in oInterfileIO.hh
|oData endiannessVariables related to Big and Little endian
|oImage data type according to v3.3 (+PET)Variables related to the Interfile type of data
|oFlag for input image interpolationThese flags are passed as last parameter to the Interfile file reading function.
Depending on the flag, the input image will be interpolated if its dimensions are different to the reconstruction dimensions, or an error will be thrown.
Current implemented interpolation is linear (LERP)
|oString related to the possible pixel/voxel data"ASCII" and "BIT" are not supported in the current implementation "unsigned integer" read by default
|oGlobal patient orientationCombination of Patient rotation, orientation anf slice orientation. Not used in the current implementation
|oImage slice orientationVariable referring to the slice orientation (transverse/coronal/sagittal) in the image
Not used in the current implementation
|oImage patient positionVariable referring to the patient position (supine/prone) in the image
Not used in the current implementation
|\Image patient orientationVariable referring to the slice orientation (head-in/feet-in) in the image
Not used in the current implementation
oGATE system typeVariables related to the system type used in a GATE macro file
Only cylindricalPET, ecat ans SPECThead are supported in this script
Defined in gDataConversionUtilities.hh
oRead check keywordKeywords to check whether reading in text file was successful or not
Defined in gOptions.hh
oThe precision of the computation and I/O operationsPrecision of the computation and I/O operations
Defined in gVariables.hh
oComputation strategyOrganization strategy for system matrix elements
Defined in oProjectionLine.hh
oProjection directionDirection of projection (Forward, backward)
Defined in oProjectionLine.hh
oSystem matrix keywordKeyword for a pre-computed and loaded system matrix
Defined in oSystemMatrix.hh
oTOF useKeywords defining the type of Time of Flight enabled or not
Defined in vProjector.hh
osystem typeSystem type (PET, CT, SPECT, ...)
Defined in sScannerManager.hh
osystem geometry rotation directionRotation orientation for angles computations
Defined in vScanner.hh
\input file typeInput file type for castor-scannerLUTExplorer (lut or geom)
Defined in