Documentation v1

CASToR 1.2 (Release: 10th October 2017)

This page contains all available documentation about the CASToR features for users and developers.
All PDF files can also be found inside the 'docs' directory within the CASToR package.


User's Guide:

This is the starting point for all CASToR users. It provides installation instructions and gives an overview of the CASToR architecture. It also includes detailed documentation about the CASToR datafile format and the scanner geometry description used in CASToR.


Developer's Guides:

These documents describe various parts of CASToR code architecture including implementation details. They provides instructions for integrating new developments into the CASToR platform.

Instructions about CASToR plug-in system, and basic programming syntax conventions used in CASToR:

How to insert an image convolver (such as PSF model):

How to insert an image processing module:

How to insert a new projector:

How to insert a new optimizer:


Source Code Documentation (Doxygen):


Publications :

Please cite the following reference if you used CASToR:

  • Thibaut Merlin, Simon Stute, Didier Benoit, Julien Bert, Thomas Carlier, Claude Comtat, Marina Filipovic, Frédéric Lamare, and Dimitris Visvikis,
    CASToR: a generic data organization and processing code framework for multi-modal and multi-dimensional tomographic reconstruction,

    Physics in Medicine & Biology, 63 (18)5505, 2018.